No access to nightly builds after paying on paypal

I too am having this issue… I pasted my code from PayPal to get my download and that worked. But
The download page still thinks I did not pay although I was logged in when I bought it.

If memory serves me right your site was having issues that morning being down. Not for too long as I tried a little later and the site was up.

See here…

The instructions there will also help you. I am editing to remove the identifiable information in your post.

Thank you although I see nothing in the advice to help as
I followed those instructions on the web site to the letter and crossed my Ty’s and dotted my i’s.
And I am still not seen as a paying customer.
Got a email confirming my registering on the site.
But nothing confirming the purchase.
Even tho the download area accepted my PayPal code
and “saw” me as a customer.

@x42 posted in that thread:

Did you send an email to as described here?

No because I did not donate but used the purchase link
I repeat I did not donate
Correct me if I’m wrong but those instructions were for those who donate and thought they had purchased.

Took it to the help desk.

There’s really no help desk.

If you did not get an email from PayPal, let me know (via email if you prefer, to or both the amount and the email address you used with PayPal.

Paul took the time to fix this and I was not logged in as I thought I was. :flushed:
Thanks Paul


I just would like to point out why I had this problem:
I thought that since I was logged into the forum I was logged in to
today I went for the 32bit file and I was logged into the forum … but not into the download site. this time it knew I had paid. yay!

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