Finance dept help please

I have donated $45, the amount to receive new Ardour versions, on Feb 26.
But I haven’t gotten any email confirming the donation, not do I see it in my account.
Could you update my account please?

The donation system is entirely separate from the download system – see Ardour FAQ – donate-not-download:

If you donated when you intended to pay for a download, forward the email you received from PayPal to, and we’ll refund your payment so that you can use it at Get Ardour | ardour as intended.

Sorry but that’s what I used, this said Get Ardour link.
The form brings you to this statement:

If you choose to pay US$45 or more: get the current version, updates and the next major version, plus access to nightly (development) builds.

I clicked that, went through a Paypal cycle where I paid $45, after that I got a download link for Ardour 6.9, I downloaded and Installed it in Arch Linux. It worked good.

But I did not get access to nightly builds and later the next major version. That’s what I want.

Were you logged into the website when you did so? If not it doesn’t have a good way of tying that to you, you may need to follow through with the quote @x42 provided anyways.


(Just back online after a week offline in Mexico)

I see no record of any transaction from anyone with the email address you used for your account. If you used a different email address with PayPal when paying, let me know and I can probably fix things up for you.

Could it be some scam website? I looked around and found this, maybe it’s iffy:

Paul, I have sent an email to on march 2nd with the PayPal account name

That email was not received (other messages to did arrive).

I have sent it again to

And once again it has not arrived here (though again, other messages have). Try sending it to

Ah, gmail. It sometimes throws emails with lots of paypal-related content into spam.

I’ve manually associated your payment with your account and you should be all set now.

Yes I can download at will. Thank you!

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