New Video-sound : "Eu vim da Bahia", song by Gilberto Gil, revisited by Elena Dia

Hello, just out of the oven, here is a new video For Elena Dia, as always, everything is done with the means at hand: an old digital camera, a mobile phone, my old PC from 2010, patience and above all Linux Ubuntu Studio 22.04! … Thanks to Ardour and Kdenlive without whom none of this would be possible. :+1::100:

“Eu vim da Bahia”, song by Gilberto Gil, revisited by Elena Dia… If you like it, don’t hesitate to share… :crossed_fingers::pray::blush:

Have a good evening everyone.

Plugins used :
2 * VST2 TLs-1295-LEA (by TbT)
4 * LV2 Calf Equalizer 12 Band (by Calf Studio Gear)
1 * VST2 GLow (by GVST)
2 * LV2 Calf Analyzer (by Calf Studio Gear)
3 * LV2 Calf Compressor (by Calf Studio Gear)
1 * LV2 x42-dpl - Digital Peak Limiter Mono (by Robin Gareus)
2 * LV2 Calf Haas Stereo Enhancer (by Calf Studio Gear)
1 * LV2 Calf Limiter (by Calf Studio Gear)
1 * LV2 Declipper (by Steve Harris)
4 * VST2 Dragonfly Room Reverb (by Michael Willis)
1 * LV2 Calf Deesser (by Calf Studio Gear)
2 * LV2 Calf Equalizer 8 Band (by Calf Studio Gear)

its beautiful, lovely guitar and singing.

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Thank you very much merryl0 for listening and your encouraging comment.

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Wish you a lovely day. :crossed_fingers: :pray: :slightly_smiling_face: