New sound and video for Elena Dia - "Espanta espíritus" (Wind chime)

Hello dear ardour users,
Just released new sound and video for Elena Dia, as always, sound and video produced with the means at hand, an already very old digital camera, an even older laptop (12 years old), but above all with Linux Ubuntu Studio 22.04 - Ardour, patience and lots of love…and a special thank to Luciano Dato for his Noise-Repellent plugin that helped a lot to improve the sound of guitar ! … :sweat_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hoping that you will enjoy the music and the scenes…
Espanta espíritus (Wind chime or Carillon éolien) composed and performed by Elena Dia.
Wish a good summer to you all. :+1::blush::pray:


Absolutely lovely summer sounds! :+1:

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Thank you Glen for this kind and very encouraging comment. :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:

For the sound, I think I can do better as soon as I can invest in monitors because currently I do everything with my Superlux HD681B audio headphones … For 20€ these headphones help a lot but unfortunately lack precision to achieve the sound I want produce …
As soon as it is possible for me, I will equip myself with Adam TV8 monitors or equivalent quality/price ratio. (monitor currently sold at 265€ per unit, which is a fair price for small productions)

Thank you again for your feedback and have a nice day to you and your loved ones. :slightly_smiling_face:

The Adam is good, so is the Yamaha HS7. I have an Adam A77X and a Yamaha HS7. Both are high-quality speakers. Probably T series Adam is a really good choice.

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Thank Mika for your comment, I never heard Yamaha HS7 and Adam TV8, only read reviews … but thought TV8 would fit better to my needs because of 8" boomer and maybe could give sound another color … A77X is out of my budget, and by the way buying monitors depends exclusively on donations we can receive from visitors/supporters of Elena Dia …
Let’s hope they will support us now. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t have a lot of money, but after reading so many reviews (Well vetted, independent, non sponsored sources) how good the Kali Lp 6’s and Lp8’s are, I bought a pair of the LP 6’s, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang!!! I now hear base and what not I had no clue was even there, and I had what I thought were “good enough” speakers that cost about the same a decade ago already. In today’s money, I got 5X better for less money!

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Hey Von Zoidish, thank you very much for this information, I will check more about this brand I didn’t knew, first comments I can read about LP 8’s from buyers on Thomman website are very positive. (Compared with Adam TV8, price is about 23€ less per unit by the way) :clap: :+1:
The only serious monitors I could hear were Fostex NX-6A, I really appreciated them, but it was more than 10 years ago, my ears have forgotten this sound precision and definition level. :slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks for your recommendation, wish you a great day. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

Found this interesting page to compare Adam T8V vs Kali LP8v2.

It would be best if you could test them in your own listening space. The house really affects a lot. And yet, in the end, your own preference. The best monitoring speaker is the one you like the most. No matter what brand or price they are. Go and listen in the store as well, if possible.

Because it’s you who has to use them for years, not some random forum writer. :slight_smile:

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Room treatment is one of the most important things in pro-audio. Like many studio speakers the Kali’s have a series of micro-switches and a level potentiometer, so you can tweak them based on where they are: Like if one is closer to a wall than the other as I have it, you change each ones settings, so you can basically tweak them for the room.

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Just don’t be too easily swooned by so called “Experts” in forums, as they often cite “Big improvements” that are not audible to human ears, and often spread a bunch of pseudo scientific nonsense. How many times have you heard that one audio interfaces DAC (Digital to analog converter) is better than the other’s, when literally all of them use the very same chip, because only one company has the patent and makes them! The “Monster cable” phenomenon was another huge thing having people spend lots of money on higher gauge cables and speaker wire, as if it makes any difference at all. Most cables/wire is rated much lower than what they can handle, and neither pro, nor home audio runs at high voltages and draws more than 1A of current, not even when powering speakers in a Stadium. More copper doesn’t do crap but cost you more. Some of the silly things I have heard why people recommend them are ridiculous, like “Sync issues due to cable speed” As if electricity that always travels at the speed of light, will be faster in a thicker cable! :rofl:

And BTW, Gold is not as good a conductor as freaking copper, or Nickel (silver is best)! So gold contacts nay last a lot linger, but some of us have plain chrome or nickle alloy plated cables we inherited that are 60 Yo, and work great! Do they need to last a thousand years? I don’t think so. If it doesn’t come with real numbers, the math and test results, it’s very likely BS!

There are a few YT channels and bloger’s elsewhere known for being honest and exposing those kind of myths, who do the math, explain what does and doesn’t count, and well, the best speakers for you may be different than for others, as their dynamic response in the room matters a lot too.

One last thing: Never take advice from people who listen to music on their freaking phones! Because they are :crazy_face:!