New Album: fastachee / third places

Hello! I’ve got a new collection of songs from the last year (give or take a month), and I neglected to post it here. All was arranged and mixed using Ardour.

What to expect? Synths. Guitars. Drums. Real instruments dancing around with virtual instruments, ingredients intentionally arranged together into something that perhaps resembles a pleasing state for your consideration.

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Great work! Enjoying it as I work, great soundscapes and lovely verb spaces (drums especially), I think “Name Withheld” is my favourite. I like ambient and EDM-y stuff but these kind organic/synthetic mixes are the bomb…

Care to share any fave Plugins or sounds, patches you used?

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Fancy that, I was listening to “the useless tree” just yesterday I think. Well done again! Listening to “Room 208” through headphones, not very loud mind you, and still felt the kick in my throat and chest. Not sure I can pick a favorite, but I sure like the opener, “A Civilized Hanging”, and the closer, “The Used to Be”.

Keep creating. Peace.

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Hey Glen! Thanks for the listen!

Care to share any fave Plugins or sounds, patches you used?

I’ve been digging into Airwindows guitar plugins (fireamp, guitarconditioner) much more and have been enjoying them. Lots of Vital, but I’ve really started enjoying Surge in Cardinal - it never quite clicked for me over Vital as a VST, but something is feeling really nice and natural with it in modular form. Oh, and there’s definitely some Blonde Bop in there. :slight_smile:

Well done again!

Thanks Manuel! Really appreciate your feedback!