New Album: fastachee / the useless tree

Hello all! I’m happy to have a new collection of songs up - all made with Ardour. I’ve been getting more friendly with VCV and Vital in the last year since my initial posting (Debut album: you will be unsubscribed within seven business days), while finding ways to combine the digital instruments with some good old fashioned analog.

You can find it here - I hope someone finds it enjoyable!

Just this week I started fiddling about with VCV (from a starting point of zero) not really having any idea how I might use it. Your tracks are really inspiring and make me want to learn more. I think you’ve done a great job blending the analog and digital.

I particularly love the track, Speaking in Cursive. There’s an incredibly familiar phrase at 2:12 that I just can’t place. From there on out, it reminds me of the brilliant work of Don Ellis from the late 60s, early 70s.

Well done. Looking forward to more.

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I was trying to find a way to reply privately, but I failed. Not sure it’s possible. In any event – thanks for listening!

Incorporating VCV with “real” guitar and horns is a trial. I have much to build on, but making some inroads. If nothing else, modular is a whole different way of tackling a track – I did one of these in a “live performance” (table manners) – but I routed everything to ardour for final balancing and master. VCV (and Cardinal) is nothing but fun. Vital/Vitalium is also a deep, deep hole to jump in. I can spend hours in sound design without realizing I’m not actually building towards an… actual song. :slight_smile:

If you can find the root of the similarities in Speaking in Cursive I’d love to know it – most muses are subconscious, and I’d like to put a name to what might have inadvertently influenced me!