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Hey all! Long time listener, first time caller.

As one of the lucky crowd that found myself working remotely these last 2 years, I fell head first into the linux music toolset black hole. This is after a (decades) long “break”, where real life and $dayjob left me little time for creative outlet.

Decided I’d try and make something again for myself, and actually release it. Mix of genre - some prog(ish) rock, some electronica. I hope someone out there enjoys it, I am definitely learning (and relearning) a lot.

I can’t express how happy I am there are tools like Ardour. I wish I could go back in time and tell my much younger self how completely amazing this ecosystem would become.


welcome to subconscious - thanks!!:))

Very nice! I’m on a similar journey myself! Well done.

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Hi fastachee,

Just wanted to say thanks for posting your album, I found it an edgy, dynamic and inspiring collection of music. My favourite track is “How to Drink Poison”. But also love elements like the heavy drums in “Synkyndineo”, the Commodore 64(?) synth sounds in “Eschaton”, the “telephone-engaged tone” as well as vocoder vocals in “Lonely Negatives” and the sound choices you’ve used in this collection of music overall. It’s a really cool album!

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Hey @Styles!

Appreciate the feedback and the kind words – super happy you enjoyed it!