Free(): invalid pointer -error message at session start


bri@bri-NY550AA-ABA-p6240f:~$ Ardour5
bind txt domain [gtk2_ardour5] to /opt/Ardour-5.12.0/share/locale
Ardour5.12.0 (built using 5.12 and GCC version 5.2.1 20150903)
ardour: [INFO]: Your system is configured to limit Ardour to only 1048576 open files
ardour: [INFO]: Loading system configuration file /opt/Ardour-5.12.0/etc/system_config
ardour: [INFO]: Loading user configuration file /home/bri/.config/ardour5/config
ardour: [INFO]: CPU vendor: GenuineIntel
ardour: [INFO]: CPU brand: Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q8300 @ 2.50GHz
ardour: [INFO]: Using SSE optimized routines
Cannot xinstall SIGPIPE error handler
ardour: [INFO]: Loading default ui configuration file /opt/Ardour-5.12.0/etc/default_ui_config
ardour: [INFO]: Loading user ui configuration file /home/bri/.config/ardour5/ui_config
Color shuttle bg not found
ardour: [INFO]: Loading color file /opt/Ardour-5.12.0/share/themes/dark-ardour.colors
ardour: [INFO]: Loading ui configuration file /opt/Ardour-5.12.0/etc/clearlooks.rc
ardour: [INFO]: Loading ui configuration file /opt/Ardour-5.12.0/etc/clearlooks.rc
Found nothing along /home/bri/.config/ardour5/templates:/opt/Ardour-5.12.0/share/templates
run dialog
free(): invalid pointer
Aborted (core dumped)
bri@bri-NY550AA-ABA-p6240f:~$ watched PID no longer exists - releasing device.

Problem resolved, thanks to some great support from Ardours freenode channel. I simply needed to uninstall csladspa from my OS ( Linux Mint -19) I learned this was a known problem, but not yet addressed in the LTS version I am using.

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Yeah a well-known issue with recent Ubuntu (and Ubuntu derivatives):

For cross-references: