Editing Samples with Ardour (video)

I have a YouTube channel where I provide tutorials on making sample libraries using free software tools. Recently I made a video demonstrating my process for cutting samples using Ardour.


This is so powerful! Never imagined so cool power LUA: To detect the pitch and use it as rule for further manipulations - get crazy!)) If Ardour is positioned as an audio editor firstly - this tutorial could be so nice to see at the official channel, besides unfa’s videos (who uses 90% midi-in-box workflow :no_mouth:).
As a video - a pleasant general style.) In my personal associations this reminds the GMaq’s video about AVLDrums, which I find a very nice and reflecting some ardour’s style ambiance:

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Watching the auto-slicing walk through the region at ~ 27:13 looks fancy :slight_smile:

Thanks for those Lua scripts. The combination of timeline editing and DSP is very impressive. It is amazing that you managed to pull this off.

Watching this got me a few ideas as well: e.g. renaming multiple regions should be built in, except it probably won’t help you. “Rename Regions For Sample Library” does a lot more…


The combination of timeline editing and DSP is very impressive.

Couldn’t have done it without the docs, example scripts, and some of yours and Paul’s help on IRC.

Hello, Mr. @DHealey !
I’ve tried to comment your scripting tutorial but it’s closed:

I’ve made my first script from the existing example, where I replaced some text and made some LUA dialog window:

And opened Ardour’s API webpage. And understood that I can not understand anything)). Steel I’m not a programmer.
Is there some function, that could select every tracks and also all existing automation tracks? May be while I’ll be studying LUA (I’m not sure I’ll can) you could add one more “thing” to you golden collection of scripts?
Thanks for you tutorials (no any analog in the web)!
P.S. Such script could solve the arrangement doings with parts of session with many automations:

P.S.2 If your tutorials could be recorded on a little monitor - this could be more universal (notebook for example - hard to see little elements and text). But anyway - everything is cool///


I tend to get into things when I need them for a project and then forget everything until I need it again. I haven’t done very much Lua for a while (although I made a little modification to a plugin recently). Next time I’m in Lua mode I’ll see if I can do anything like you suggested.

Most of my latest videos are recorded on a 1080p monitor :slight_smile:

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