Lua Scripting Tutorial

I recorded this video a couple of years ago and completely forgot about it so only just posting it now. Enjoy!

Here’s the most recent version of the script - ardour-scripts/delete by threshold.lua at master · davidhealey/ardour-scripts · GitHub


Thanks for mentioning the bit about how to make things have session scope. Good to know.

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I just want to thank you for how useful this post is. I haven’t watched much of the video, but that github full of lua scripts is such an excellent way to start scripting Ardour. I didn’t know how to get started before this. But it all just fell into place just playing around with how to use them.

BTW you can easily make the spacing script do spaces less than 1sec by modifying the limits imposed in the script from 1-whatever to 0.01-whatever. I’m a novice at this so far, but if anyone feels stuck, DM me, and I’ll help where I can.

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