Ctrl+T for automation (bug tracker enhancing)

I think many people have a situation when they need to move the whole part of a session from one place to another. For example we make some main idea of the song and begin to see some entry-part, which we want to place before the main.
Range mode lets us copy a part of session, if all tracks are selected (Ctrl+T function). For example: we can use it when we need to move the whole rest part of the song (session) for some quantity of bars to the end // or to copy desired part from one place to another (Ctrl+X → Ctrl+V). In the GIF-picture I select the range of only one track, then press Ctrl+T combination - this selects only the tracks, but not automation tracks. To select the whole bunch of automation tracks - I need to select them one by one (with Ctrl).

What was nice if Ctrl+T could select All Existing Automation!?



If you just want to create some space for inserting a new part, it could be simpler to select all tracks and then use Track/Insert Silence from the menu.

If you want to reorganize your whole song structure and move parts all around, you are right!

Do you mean Track > Insert Time (can’t find “Insert Silence”)?

@laex I think I’ve figure out! Track > Insert Time gives the possibility to move everything with automation!
Big thanks!

Yeah, sorry - I’m on a German system - seems to be a small mishap in the translation…

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