Create a dj mix (not live)

So I’m a hobby DJ and I mix live using Traktor. However, I also like to put DJ sets together off-line, and I used to use Mixmeister (RIP) for this, but then tried Ableton (free trial) and that worked really well but I can’t really afford it. Am hoping that Ardour will work for this. So I need to import tracks, scan them for beats so that they sit neatly into the existing time-grid (with some editing of transients usually, especially with vinyl recordings of old tracks) and then mix the tracks together perfectly beatmatched (setting individual levels, EQ, etc). Is this something Ardour can do? I’ve been playing with it for a few hours but can dinf any way to scan the track for beats and automatically sqyash/stretch so that it drops neatly into the grid. Am i in the wrong place?