How to set tempo from audio? [SOLVED]

There are a few old threads on this issue (2008, 2011), but I could not figure out how the proposed solution work. One thread even says a new tool would be forthcoming to do just that and since it was Paul who said so in 2011, I’d pretty confident he did it. But I could not find it ;-(

So again, if I import an audio file, then select a measure (by ear), how do I tell Ardour to set tempo accordingly?

Never mind…

I was looking in the wrong places: Edit>Tempo>Set Tempo does the trick

for tempo detect
1- download sonicvisulizer and wamp plugin pack
2-after install wamp plugin pack open sonicvisulizer and go to
Transform>find a transform (OR ctrl+m)
type tempo and test all plugin in your audio


There’s a Lua script in Ardour to run a VAMP plugin (same as SonicVisualiser) to detect tempo. However it does not yet set the tempo-map (only print locations of beats). This is because Ardour 7 will completely overhaul Ardour’s tempo-map API. Scripts will only be able to modify the tempo-map when that is done.

If you want to play with it (might be easier than manually copying data forth and back between SonicVisualiser:

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There is no automatic process yet, but it’s not to hard to do it manually. The workflow shown in this Mixbus tutorial applies to Ardour as well:

Thanks Robin, it’s perfect.

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