Add (insert) extra bars - Move *everything*

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Is there a way to add extra measures at the beginning of an Ardour session?

E.g. To add 16 bars before the current session state. In such a way that would effectively move everything like tracks, meters, tempo changes, etc 16 bars ahead.

I did read :

Thanks for any hints :slight_smile:

I’d say that the second link explains it… What are you missing?

Thanks for your answer @sciurius.

It seems to not make the meters move. (7/8, 4/4, etc) Say a song for example has many time signature changes, they too have to move 16 bars ahead.

I’ve had the same problem quite a few times. (Composing on the spot, with weird time signatures…) I’d be interest in a solution or in knowing if it is something addressed for the new release. If not, we probably should report as bug or request the feature in Mantis.

So I understand that it is not [Update: It is !] currently possible to move all the meters at once.

If you shift-drag a tempo or meter marker, all those to the right of will move as well. You cannot move the initial tempo or meter marker in 5.x. This doesn’t “fix” the fact that they don’t shift with an “Insert Time” operation, but it does make it fairly easy to move them all at once.

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It’s entirely possible that there is a bug in ‘Insert time’: also, the ‘Insert Time’ feature does have several rough edges that can catch people out very easily. However it is supposed to be able to move tempo & meter markers. Did you try with ‘Move Markers’ and ‘Move tempo and meter changes’ ticked? It works for me here in 5.12 (with a simple test session with a couple of meter changes).

Shift-drag the meter markers ! Thank you so much ! :slight_smile: I sort of feel ashamed not to have tried it. For my defense I did brute force {,ctrl,alt,shift}+{left,middle,right}click to no avail.

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