insert 16 bars in all tracks of a project


sorry I couldn’t find a solution on my own.

i am looking for a command like:

“split all tracks at bar nb. X
and insert Y bars and move all location markers to their new position”

does a command like this exist ?

( i have a song with a lot of tracks and a lot of location markers. now i want to insert 16 bars of guitar solo just in the middle of the song.)

thanks for any hint.

liebe gruesse

select all tracks (ctrl-shift-click on track headers) … Track > Insert Time


thanks for that hint. and the screenshot in
looks exactly like what I am looking for.

but in my “ardour4” the option “insert time is starting at” is missing.
I tried, but it always inserts the time at the beginning.
until now I was not succesful.

sorry, but I need an extra hint
how do I make sure that the time will be inserted at bar X??
… thanks a lot !!!

liebe gruesse

Time will be inserted at the edit point, which will typically be either the mouse or the playhead. You want to set it to the playhead and make sure the playhead is positioned where you want the time to be inserted.

And yes, please upgrade to Ardour 5.x

1> Update to Ardour5 (Seriously, please do)
2> Follow Paul’s Instructions above.