Add (insert) extra bars - Move *everything* (revived)

Reviving this closed topic .

Same situation. I have a project with multiple tracks with tempo and time signature changes.

1/ I can select tracks and move them manually but the markers won’t follow. Paul says in the post linked above that shift + move a marker will move all markers on the right but this does not happen.

2/ I tried the “Track → Insert time” feature but it doesn’t work either. For instance, on a 4/4 to 5/4 change, I select all tracks, and in the feature window, I check all checkboxes and add e.g. 2 bars. The markers are shifted 8 quarters, and the tracks are shifted 10. Further investigation confirms that when adding N bars on a signature change, the markers are moved N bars old signature and the tracks N bars new signature.

I’m using Ardour 6.5 (Debian Bullseye) and it is likely that this has been fixed/changed since then so I figured I’d better ask here before opening a bug report.

In any case, I don’t find the “Track → Insert time” feature that practical for my use case. Ideally, I’d select all tracks and move them manually on screen with every marker following the tracks. That would be pretty intuitive for the user. Maybe this is not as easy to achieve as I expect (blame it on Ardour making other things easy to achieve with a few mouse clicks!).

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