ZynAddFX and Helm plugin selected presets keep getting reset

Hi all,

I’m on Linux, Arduor v6.9. When I use a VST/LV2 plugin like the two mentioned, the selected preset keeps getting reset to the default preset.

Problem description:

  1. I import 2 midi scores to 2 different tracks.
  2. Select Helm for one score and ZynAddFX for the other
  3. Create 2 more midi tracks and copy the scores to those tracks
  4. I then select a different synth preset for each of the new midi tracks, but use the same score
  5. I align the scores so that the identical scores on two separate tracks are not played simultaneously
  6. When I play the project, the preset will mostly work for the first score, but the selected preset is reset to the default preset on the second score.
  7. When I export, the preset is reset for all scores to default preset for the synth.

I cannot figure out how to fix this, but am I the only one experiencing this issue? Am I doing something wrong/missing something?
I can select it once and play the project and it works

I can actually not change the preset at all. Only when I play the track and select the preset will it change the sound, but when the cursor starts from the beginning og the playlist, the sound is back to the default preset…

I must be doing something wrong?

I found out what the issue is.

I shortened the playlist just a little bit in the start and that fixed it. Not sure what the deal is, but apparently the playlist contains sound information as well ans it was set at the beginning of the playlist.

There must be a patch change control message at the beginning of the MIDI file. I forget how to enable, but there is a way to show control messages, not just note messages, so that you could delete the existing patch change message.

You can remove this “midi patch change” using shift + right-click when on “Edit mode”.

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