How do i remove Patch change if midi track changes Plugin preset to default

Reference: ZynAddFX and Helm plugin selected presets keep getting reset

I have the same issue to above Forum Post. I have not understand how i get rid of “Patch Change”.

Steps i made is the same but with other Plugin “Surge XT” but i can not get the Preset on that what i want.

Maybe this:

The Ardour Manual - Patch Change.

Scroll to Remove Patch Change

Shift + right-click works as “delete” operation on all objects.

For the case at hand just make sure you are using “internal edit” mode (‘e’) otherwise you’d delete the region.

I do not get it. I have a midi track imported and have selected the Surge XT plugin and in there i had selected the preset i loaded. As soon the playback reaches the end or at the beginning of that midi, it switches to the first default preset of Surge XT “Attacky” and not what i have set to.

There’s probably a PC (program change) message in the MIDI you imported.

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The Ardour Manual - Patch Change.

I copied by hand the midi notes in a new track, and i notice that on the original one there is set Acoustic Grand Piano and the new one is empty.

If you copy them by hand, then sure, the PC will not be copied.

And “Acoustic Grand Piano” is by convention the type of sound associated with patch change zero (i.e. the first patch/preset/program) for General MIDI. So that’s your explanation right there.

OK, i read the Patch Change Document carefully and now i finally got it. I am new to this and so thanks for being kind.

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