Windows 10 download denied

I am trying to download 6.3 onto my Windows 10 system. I get a response that the download has been blocked as the program can harm my computer

See here:

Apparently MS Edge can give warnings on downloading but then you can also get warnings when trying to install based on your UAC / MS Defender “smartscreen” settings.

The bottom line (and from personal experience) is that you can trust the files directly acquired from this website (check the MD5 if you are super concerned).

These kind of warnings often seem to be triggered on a heuristic, that the file has not been installed by many users yet. This is odd logic, being as its unlikely to be installed by many users if they get a warning triggered by the fact that it hasn’t been installed by many users. (In addition, the very definition of ‘successful’ malware, would be that it did get installed by many users…) It seems hugely unfair on independent developers, and / or developers of niche applications that these ‘warnings’ are often presented to the user as fact, seemingly without any tangible proof that an application actually is harmful.

It does download, but the execute file will not run

In that case, for default Win10 + its defender antivirus, just click on “more info” and “run anyway” (this differs depending on the version of Windows 10 you are on and also perhaps on your UAC settings:

If it is being blocked due to a third-party antivirus, you might have to manually allow that file…

I just got the same message./ I just went to Windows Defender, turned off defender, installed using Right Click "Run as Administrator

So, while there’s no reason to suspect the integrity of the downloads from, Windows stopped you from installing something as a normal user - based as far as is possible to tell, only on a heuristic - and as a result you’ve now granted administrator permissions to whatever it was Windows didn’t want you to run - I guess that’s the law of unintended consequences…

That is actually an often misunderstood law of IT.

You have to change your password every 3 months? Well then I need to make it ultra memorable.

I need to run this software and IT won’t help me get it installed on my laptop so locked down that I can’t do anything? I guess I will find a way around that that makes my laptop less secure.

It is amazing how often those in IT (Myself included when I am doing this for some of my clients) can forget that the point of IT is to help the user, not to make the IT lives easier. This is in part due to how often there isn’t enough budget to pay the people that should be doing it, but that is another topic (But important point none the less, how often are IT things done because they need to squeeze more productivity into less time because there is no help)


“Run as administrator” is NOT necessary. Like bachstudies said, just click on “More Info” then “Run Anyways” when the message blocking it pops up. When I installed 6.3, there was also an attempted block of the download, and I had to select “Keep Anyways”. I reported the file as safe to Microsoft. Perhaps if every user takes a couple seconds to do this, it will start to recognize the file. When you report it, there is an option if you are the author of the file, but I know Paul doesn’t use Windows, so that probably won’t get sorted any time soon.

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Well on linux the install script requires root privileges to run in my memories

Right, because it is installed in /opt so that it is not confined to a single user account but can also be executed:

Yes, the Linux installation process is entirely different.
My comment was about the installation process on Windows only.

delete Windows 10, if I may make a suggestion.

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I vote “no” so that it is always blindingly obvious how great Linux is in comparison when dual-booting :wink:

sorry, I don’t like having Micro***t’s new HAL on my PC.

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