Hi I’m new to all this, so I just want to ask . I paid the single payment and I’m figuring out where to install what I paid for or where can I find it?

never mind, I figured it out

I just download 5.12 version and will install in my windows 10.
It appeared a malware warning when I try to install it. Is it harmful for my windows?
Thank you

If you got a legitimate package from this site (Check the MD5 checksum to be sure) then no it should not be.

However noone can guarantee packages from other sites.

Does the warning include any specific information? What software gave the warning?


@seablade: Installers / applications etc which are not code-signed tend to provoke most anti-virus now (actually you can get false positives even if it is signed - as there seems to be increasing reliance on whitelisting, with apparently the best indication of quality being the number of installs - obviously this presents a problem, mainly for niche applications or independent developers, because if you release a new version, and the first thing that happens is your users get a warning that it ‘might’ contain a virus - because its not been installed much - it’s unlikely to get installed much). Code signing doesn’t itself guarantee software is malware free, but it does help to guarantee the authenticity (in much the same way that checking the MD5 checksum does)

and in fact, some of the most well known AV companies cough kaspersky cough basically require action by us to avoid blacklisting for every single release.

Heh shows how often I deal with AV these days, the fact they have gotten that extreme is a little sad, but oh well.

All that being said, Mike is of course correct, MD5 checksums and code signing only help to authenticate a package as coming from a source, how much you trust that source is of course always up to the user.


I just installed Ardour 5 on my Windows 10 machine and it won’t run because the config file in “C:\Users%myhomedir%\AppData\Local\Ardour5\config” is empty. Where can i get a config file or what should i put into the empty config file on my system?



That should not happen. It suggests a system-specific problem on your machine (perhaps with the setup of home folders). Perhaps someone with specific windows experience can help you.

I solved the problem by uninstalling Ardour 5, installing a nightly build of Ardour 6 and copying the contents of the local config file. I then uninstalled 6, reinstalled 5 and pasted the saved contents of the 6 config file into the empty 5 config file. Everything works perfectly now.