Why Ardour don't work in windows?

Hi, I have try to install Ardour in Windows, but does not work. Suggestion?
Paul Weinstock

Windows has enough DAWs to open a museum with.
-Audacity (primarily a linux program)
Just to name a few. There are still many others like Melodyne Studio 3 which supports up to 8 tracks. But I only use it to fix vocals (many times we find ourselves having to salvage a song instead of aiding in the creative process, eh?).

…or simply 'cause Ardour IS NOT multiplatform.

Then I must suggest you to switch away:


Marco Ravich

Because it doesn’t work. Because, in some ways, we don’t want it to work. Please read this (which also appears as a link on the systems requirements page) to understand some of the issues we have with the idea of a Windows port.

The correct link to the above is this.

that was a very well written piece… and hell we (myself included when I was a linux noob) in the linux and mac communities have given Paul et al. enough hell in the past without inviting a bunch of whindows users… (can we call them whingers) who are even less likely to contribute in some way…

in what sense can you say that ardour is not multiplatform? it runs on linux, OS X and windows. we choose not to release the windows version. what is your point?

in what sense can you say that ardour is not multiplatform?

WikiPedia’s multi-platform page

Anyway Ardour is *nix oriented, so it’s simply NOT multiplatform.

You have a Windows version ? Then (if you don’t release it) do you mean that Ardour is “NOT SO” open source too ?
I always believed that the community could help to solve problems…

BTW Ardour approach is very very strange, IMHO.
Switch away (if you don’t use *nix OSes).

Marco Ravich

man, from the wikipedia link you posted, a can read in the end of the second part of the artical:

‘A cross-platform application may run on as many as all existing platforms, or on as few as two platforms.’

it seems ardour IS multiplatform and as i understood some older threads on this issue, ardour (and jack) needs for proper running a posix system, which windows is not.

just my two cents…


ardour (and jack) needs for proper running a posix system

Well then, where’s the Haiku port ?

No man, Ardour is Linux only so it’s NOT multiplatform.

Marco Ravich

No man, Ardour is Linux only so it’s NOT multiplatform.

uh … no, OSX is not linux! far from it …

Now, ardour’s approach is strange ? that’s a very relative point of view. On the contrary, I find ardour very normal. So who’s right ? :lol:

Sorry for my very bad english,

I want use Ardour with linux, but my audio cards (MARIAN Marc A) doesn’t work with Linux, and my Powercore i think.

If ARDOUR work with Windows I buy immediatly !!!

It’s bad Ardour not work with Windows… I hope is change…

OSX is not linux!

Since Mac OS X is POSIX compliant, many software packages written for the *BSDs or Linux can be recompiled to run on it.

But hey, Haiku is POSIX too ! So, again, isn’t more simple to port it on Haiku instead of Windows/ReactOS ?

Why the dev team is - wrongly - uninterested in other platforms than linux/osx, then ?

Ardour devs have unclear believes about the open source phylosophy (the bazaar approach) i think…

Marco Ravich

It’s bad Ardour not work with Windows…

Forget it and switch to Traverso: http://www.traverso-daw.org/

note: please read the whole 3ad before post…

Marco Ravich

Marco Ravich, I don’t want to be rude Dude but switching to Traverso is not really an “Idea for Ardour”, which is the main subject of this discussion thread. Either you follow your own advice or you come up with ideas for ardour. The rest looks more like trolling.

Regarding the windows port, if you know some devs that would gladly join and do it, that’d be great. But until then, I don’t see any reason anyone would bitch about the lack of a windows port. I think you are missing how difficult Ardour devs daily life is, considering the complexity of Ardour who also happen to develop the Jack audio server, and most of the time for free. You can always donate, and the larger the donation, the better chance it will get done :slight_smile:

Posted by Thorgal - Sun, 2009-01-11 16:37
" Regarding the windows port, if you know some devs that would gladly join and do it, that’d be great. But until then, I don’t see any reason anyone would bitch about the lack of a windows port. "

No real need… FWIW I’ve had Ardour running under Windows since about last November (well more correctly, under Cygwin). I use it for single-step debugging which I’ve never managed to get working in Linux (at least, not for a multi-threaded app). The only thing I needed to disable was MIDI (and that was only because I didn’t have the time to fix it). The rest of Ardour works fine.

Whether or not I’d inflict it on the rest of the world is a different question. Cygwin, to be fair, is a lot easier to install than Linux but it’s still way too difficult for the average Windows user. Also, Cygwin’s version of ‘X’ leaves a lot to be desired. Resizing windows is very flickery and although it supports multiple monitors, it doesn’t support them very elegantly. Also, everything needs to be launched from a bash terminal which soon becomes hugely annoying. Cygwin also seems to stop working on a regular basis, requiring me “rebase” the DLL’s, which is something I’ve never needed to do on anything else. The limitations are fine for my occasional debugging needs but they’d drive me nuts if I was a regular user. To its credit though, Ardour itself works exceptionally well under Cygwin. Everything else is a PITA though.

thorgal, I wouldn’t waste your time responding to Marco Ravich. He’s a complete troll. I don’t believe there’s a single post of his on this entire forum which isn’t trying to plug traverso. He doesn’t realise that Ardour isn’t being ported to Haiku because the developers don’t use it and aren’t interested and he’s obviously not interested in porting it himself (one has to wonder why, if it’s so easy).

Whilst I think Java is a great language, I don’t think it’s DAW material. Enterprise apps? Sure. Professional Audio Apps? No.

excellent I wonder if the bots can critique our mixes and tell us what needs to be fixed for that elusive perfect recording??

Good heavens! This bots are getting smarter and healthier than we real people now. Even tell us what teas too drink when certain bad things happen to us.

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I am sorry. I forgot to mention that I did read the article and that my point is that I disagree with some of the things said in the article. I do not agree that a bigger community is bad for an open source project. I do agree that supporting an extra Os is a lot of unwanted work. Creating install packages and distribution is some of the most boring things a developer can do. And I do agree that your average windows user is less interested in helping a project or even understand why he should help a project but still I do not agree that excluding them will help the project.

  • With sarcasm
  • However. Ardour is without at doubt open source and it is without a doubt cross platform. So following the open source philosophy. Anyone who is willing to do the relatively "easy" task of updating the existing port for windows and put in the enormous amount of time required to support it can.
  • Without sarcasm
  • Since Ardour is an open source project anyone can port it to windows or any other Os not currently supported and help support it.

    I fully and totally understand that the current developers has enough to do already and do not want the huge amount of extra boring work of supporting another Os. And that asking them to do so is almost an insult.

    I got an idea last night about creating an unofficial windows build and putting it on another web page just to see if it catches on and if we could attract some windows developers who was willing to put in the time of supporting it. If we cant and it doesn’t work then we just drop it. What do you guys think about this idea?

    One last word is that I am sorry if it seemed like I attacked anyone. It was not my intention.