Which distro are you using Ardour on?

I’d like to know (waiting for UbuntuStudio that seems will rock) on which distro you are using Ardour.
I’ve heard good things about Planet CCRMA, but it’s a plug for Fedora and I’d like to know if someone has better alternatives (as CCRMA kernel is old and seems it works only on FC5 and not on newest FC6).

I’m using 64Studio on a spare harddrive.

gentoo all the way…if I had the time and the know how I would develop a gentoo studio live/install CD. If anyone does decide to do it though, it’d probably end up being one of the better options.

gentoo again here…

Gentoo here too, with kolivas kernel.

Debian here :wink:

Gentoo here too… in my opinion, the only distro really up to the task!

Gentoo as well…

The only distro I got running as I wanted.

Ubuntu (for just simple stuff cuz i haven’t applied any low-latency patches) and 64Studio. I’ll also be trying out UbuntuStudio but I’m very pleased with 64Studio so far.

Mandriva 2006, with a 2007 Mandriva kernel custom compiled for my hardware. Got the latency way down.

Gentoo again. =]

If I ever had the time, I wouldn’t mind trying LFS. I imagine you could get an extremely streamlined system going that way and also learn a lot more in the process.

I hadn’t heard of ubuntustudio before, but it could be interesting I suppose. Something I’d check out at least.

Plug for Fedora? No. It’s the distro the chose. My guess is that you dislike Fedora… At any rate, CCRMA has repositories for newer kernels and software but they are not listed on the website, (I don’t know why, it’s supported by an academic institution and I believe the software on their website reflects the content of the labs at the CCRMA). It’s easily the most comprehensive repo out there, but if you can’t take Fedora you may as well steer clear.

you got the point thirstler, I can stand fedora, but i don’t like it, that’s why I asked for advices on other distros. But maybe I’ll give it a try. Does it work on FC6 as well?

I think they have some initial kernels for FC6 but the repo is not as complete as it is for earlier FC distributions. They’re just starting x86_64 support with FC6 as well.

It’s worth a shot if you want to have easy access to a lot of audio software, but if you already know exactly what you want you may be happier building everything on your favorite dist.

Truth be told, I’m using FC6 x86_64, and I just build everything since the stock FC kernel runs pretty tight without alteration (using limits.conf - not < 3ms mind you, but good enough for me) and I don’t like to piling on extra yum repos since that almost always screws something up eventually.

Hi there… I use OpenSuSE 10.2 with the Jacklab-Kernel (2.6.19-rt). It’s an easy-to-install-and-use distro… There also is the Jacklab-Audio-Distribution (out since a few days… Check http://www.jacklab.org). It’s based on OpenSuSE, but made for musicians. It’s currently at Alpha-Stage, hopefully in Mid-Summer it’s final.

Has anyone tried the new Suse 10.2 JackLab (JAD) distro? It’s still in alpha… but overall it’s pretty decent. Low latency.


Debian/64studio (32bit) with custom kernel.
I also tried Musix and Ubuntu/LinuxMint but I prefer to get dirty with my good old Debian.

Gentoo, mainly because they prominently had AMD64 support when I was trying to choose a Linux distro. I wanted something general-purpose (not necessarily audio-focussed) and customisable, and I got it, although the build-everything-from-source approach can be a bit time-consuming while you’re setting up.


Gentoo was awesome, but it did not work very well on my laptop. Actually, Ubuntu is very nice even if you think you know what you are doing with Linux.

There is not too much truly special with Gentoo, IMHO. You can compile kernels with other distros, and I usually don’t need any customization beyond that.

The thing about Linux is too many people see a distro like Gentoo and think every distro is like that: complicated, time-consuming, and confusing. Now, don’t get me wrong, Gentoo has some great advantages. I have never seen anything run as fast or smoothly as Gentoo once it is set up. However, many people browse forums like this, see the word Gentoo a million times and try it. They find it complex, and decide all Linux is like that.

Ubuntu is overlooked mainly because it is “simple” and does not always get the reputation for being a uber-user distro. However, there are tons of great options in Ubuntu, and most packages available for Gentoo are also for Ubuntu (and other distros as well).

So the answer, in short, is that you must choose on your own which distro is right for you.

Another Gentoo here :wink: