'where do I set "sync " to Jack?

Hi, I just can’t find it … where do I set sync to jack … to button top left on the window ?

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you might find this helpful, basically you need to check 2 or 3 places

Setup RoseGarden for Jack-transport (+ step-time input for midi-record things)

What I can also add there if Ardour is the Jack time master is to check the Session/Properties…
https://manual.ardour.org/synchronization/timecode-generators-and-slaves :

JACK Transport

When slaved to jack, Ardour’s transport will be identical to JACK-transport. As opposed to other slaves, Ardour can be used to control the JACK transport states (stopped/rolling). No port connections need to be made for jack-transport to work.

JACK-transport does not support vari-speed, nor offsets. Ardour does not chase the timecode but is always in perfect sample-sync with it.

JACK-transport also includes temp-based-time information in Bar:Beats:Ticks and beats-per-minute. However, only one JACK application can provide this information at a given time. The checkbox Session > Properties > JACK Time Master configures Ardour to act as translator from timecode to BBT information.

I don’t cover my ways of doing using ^ this setting because I’m using Ardour as a Jack sync… though if you are using Ardour as a time master, I think the benefit of using this setting is if you do not want to worry about matching the tempo setting in multiple Jack clients. < I’m not 100% sure on this though, I would have to verify that… My suggestion then is to make sure the “tempo” is set the same for all clients that utilize the same transport – which I mention on my first link. I’m no pro, so if you ask something I just might be able to answer. :slight_smile:

hope this helps.

As with all “follow an external transport master” options, it is a two step process:

  1. Goto Edit > Preferences > Transport > Sync and select JACK as the external timecode source
  2. Click on the button just below the left end of the transport (play,stop etc) buttons. It likely says “Int” right now. Click it and it will say JACK.

This design allows you to easily turn sync-with-external-source on and off.

What Ahms has described is a related but separate issue of getting Ardour to function as the “time master” for JACK. This means that Ardour tells the JACK system (and all clients) what the current time is, and translates that into musical time (bars|beats).

You may want this enabled as well as the sync setting I talked about … you may not.

Hey thanks to both of you !!! It may even have saved the day since I have a group of musicians here which perform on the Woodford Folk Festival. (Australia) … you may have heard about it .

again , thanks and best regards

and … me on SoundCloud . All recorded with Ardour !

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