When You Go Away

Here is a remix of an original song from 1996: When You Go Away (2023 Remix). It is a (cheesy) ballad, which we hoped could helps us “make it”. (I deeply regret having chosen this one for the recording, as we had much better songs. But we thought this one was more “accessible”…) I will soon remix the second (and last) second of this demo, which is a much better song! But I must admit that I do like this song as well. (Well, probably because I wrote it…)

The band was called Parsec, and I was really lucky to be a part of it! The bass player (Piera Bergamo) and drummer (Caio Carlucci) were phenomenal! The singer (Bruno Sant’Anna) was also excellent! The keyboard player (Alexandre Torres) was also quite good, coming up with some great sounds and parts (although It does not show as much in this particular recording.) Too bad it was me on the guitar… :slight_smile:

The lyrics are in “English” (wrote by a friend from another band, Al Pedralli), but with some serious problems… But at the time, we were more concerned about the performance. (Please, don’t mind the lyrics too much.)

The piano and clean guitar clash a bit (and are too “busy”), but overall I like the result. I intend to rerecord the guitar parts (soon-ish), and maybe add something else here or there. But I thought I should have a version with the original performances.

It was recorded in a studio in São Paulo (Brazil), although I forget its name. I remember we did not have much time (since we did not have much money) for these recordings, so it was quite stressful recording it!

I’ve got the stems from old ADATs (24 channels in total) we’ve found recently. The audio from the stems were not that great, but hopefully the result is OK.

The remix was made in Ardour, using LSP, x42, OverToneDSP, u-he, IK Multimedia plugins, mostly.

Honestly, I am not sure this new mix is any better than the original, but I had fun working on it, and that’s all that matters. :slight_smile:

Some more details (but not much) in my blog post about it.


It is a (cheesy) ballad

I’d call it a power ballad based on great song writing skills (chord progressions, usage of borrowed chords, etc.). The only thing I’d call “cheesy” is the modulation of the last chorus. :joy: :wink:

Too bad it was me on the guitar… :slight_smile:

Don’t underrate yourself. I just think the bass is a bit too loud in the mix.
Anyway, great song!

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Thanks, @slash, for taking the time to listen and reply!

Thanks! I am taking that as a complement! :slight_smile:

That probably is true… It’s just that the bass is my favorite part of this recording, so I probably overdid it.

I really appreciate the kind words!!!

After listening to it again, I now noticed the extra 1/8 beats during the bridge and the rather progressive (I’d say) time signature changes in the bars leading to the solo.
Very unusual …I like things like that. :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening to it again! I always assume that people will just check it out and forget. It makes me very happy when someone goes back to it.

Nice catch! Although this was our most “commercial/accessible” song, we were huger prog fans. :slight_smile:

If you like odd time signatures, check Old New (v2.0) and Capitães da Areia (this last one is not really mixed yet). We played them with the same band, but there was never any recording of those, so I recorded them myself. (I played the guitar and programmed the rest. The vocals were replaced by the guitar…)

Or check No Way, which is my most recent recording (and composition). This one is really simple, except for the middle part where there is a four part counterpoint in 15/16. :slight_smile:

Again, thanks for listening!

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