What projects are you guys working on with ardour?

I know this is a little off topic for this section but I was wondering, what projects are you guys working on with ardour? Right now I’m doing a singer songwriter album for a friend, and right before that, I did a project that was a christmas cd for a undergrad students family. Note she is a vocalist, but not in the school of music at my college. She needed a lot of melodyne in here vocal tracks before they were good enough to be mixed, and produce a high quality song… But what are the rest of you guys doing with ardour these days?


Ongoing: Editing down church services and sermons on a weekly basis.
Currently: Sound Design for a theatrical Production including voice over recording and effects design
Freelance(Also Current): Restoration of old reel to reel recordings.
Future: 40 Track live recording mixed to DVD and CD. Recording in a week, mixing starting in 2 weeks most likely.
Previously: Sound Design for theater, animation, and virtual worlds. Recording, Mixing and Mastering CDs. Voice Over recordings. Misc other stuff;)

Dang at least I am not short for work lately. Better than I was not to long ago.


I’m a little short of paying gigs right now, but audition cd seasion is coming up quick right now at my school :D. Oh, an I forgot to mention that I’m aiding in starting a sub-label in the record label/studio I work for. In addition I am spearheading a new project involving recording state competition solos, that I’m not really at liberty to say much about until its finished (its a really good idea that could make my label a LOT of money if successful!


P.S. and suggestions for mastering in ardour/jamin?

@ the moment I’m still composing and using it for rough cuts and ideas

I am using Ardour to record and mix some stuff for my dark ambient project, and I recently tested it on stage too.

In the past I used Nuendo on Windows, and the transition to Ardour has been very smooth. With the forthcoming MIDI support, it will have all I need to make music.

Moreover, I am recently mixing a melodic ambient compilation from various artists around the world, and the result is superb.

I’ve recorded the 2nd and the 3rd MiniCD of my band www.myspace.com/gastriculcer . I am now mixing down the recording of a local punk rock band. Before that I’ve recorded a local “flamenco guitar” project - altough he didn’t put his songs anywhere online.

Big thanks to all who makes this great software possible. I really like the LinuxDSP plugins - altough I had some problems with them (I just used the standalone jack clients). When exporting the session I always had xruns, so I had to record the output (directly through jack with Audacity). It worked well - but it was a little bit more work.
But I think their sound makes it worthwile.

I have been using Ardour during several live performances as a mixer to which I could route jack audio streams. Problem with various Jack Mixer and such apps was that they either don’t have midi control or they didn’t compile or whatever, so I suddenly thought - why not use Ardour? But for music production I use Qtractor, since it has midi.

  • I am doing my songwriting with Ardour and Hydrogen.
  • Last month I recorded 7 of those songs with Ardour. That was: several guitars, vocals, bass guitar, hydrogen drums, and a few midi sounds with Rosegarden and Qsyth. In my Christmas holidays I going to mix and master (Ardour and Jamin) .
  • Next year I want to persuade my band to throw out that old windows PC and make our next album with Ardour.

I use it for typical homerecording for myself and for Bands:

http://lapoc.de (in german)

I also explore its capabilities for articles in german Magazines…

Currently recording a hip/hop compilation album, a country album, a dance/rock album, a classic rock album and a punk/metal album.

Have in the past done this album:

as well as a country album with my former band “$ellout$”

Hey, anyone know what Paul does with Ardour? I mean, Besides programming it does he really use it, and if so what type of music does he work on? Paul, if you read this can you post your answer please? Inquiring minds really want to know :slight_smile:

@joegiampaoli: do stuff with ardour? you think there are 42 hours in a day instead of 36? once upon a time i started writing ardour because i wanted to make drifting soundscapes along the lines of steve roach, max corbacho, robert rich et al. i realized years ago that i’m a much better programmer, providing tools for musicians, than i am a musician. i still have a few synths, a collection of hand percussion, a drumkat and a roland handsonic, but i don’t recall the last time i tried to record myself playing them.

@paul Nope we just think there are 48, don’t worry;)


He, I guess you’re right! Although I did use to have 42 hour days at some point in my life, they sure have gotten a whole lot shorter now…, it becomes an art itself to plan every hour of each day! :slight_smile:

you started writing ardour ? …thanks. I seen some woftware written by people that thinks they know what musicians needs but its not working same way as when a musician starts using a program that makes sence because a other musician wrote or designed it.

I am really happy that linux gets such a great well featured program. I did not actually use it for anything yet other than getting to know it

I learned to use sonar LE 4 as the first DAW. it looks similar enough to make me feel at home even its been years since I recordered anything. and I tend to avoid computers as much as possible because I am a " hardware type of person"
but its handy to create the final mixdown though :slight_smile:

to make a long post short I dont do anythign yet but I am very exited getting started on it and I am very gratefull for the project. its not often you get to thank the developers in “person” so I thought it would be a good chance to do this now.

good luck on future projects.

The usual activities:

Teaching - I record student sessions here, and sometimes we work on their original songs. I also use Ardour to teach basic principles of mixing and DSP in a home studio. Some of my students have Pro Tools and other DAWs at home, Ardour doesn’t seem to confuse them at all.

Original music - All my multitrack recording is done with Ardour.

Experimentation - I’m getting into video work, so I’ve been testing JACK-savvy applications such as xjadeo, Blender, and OpenMovieEditor with Ardour.



oh everything I do with ardour,

movie sound postpro with ardour + xjadeo

music production singer songwriter and band stuff…

and mixing fieldrecordings doing lowercase music for myself

recording while practicing drums to re-listen to everything that goes out of time :wink:


I use Ardour to cut and splice songs down to time restrictions. It’s actually the only DAW that has made me some cash :slight_smile:

I’m a pro tools user as well – it may be the industry standard but with amount that Digidesign’s interfaces cost, I’m beginning to think that Ardour is the most cost-effective DAW out there.

I am just recording symphonic orchestras. Currently I have 10 microphones, which is by far not enough. The issue is it causes a lot of extra costs like new multicore, mic stands and preamps. My current Preamp setup would be able to support 16 channels. Since i am doing that semi-professional, i am still hesitating to do these investments.


man, for an orchestra, you might be better off building yourself a dekka tree, and using a few “sweeteners” over the brass, woodwinds, and percussion! I just did some classical recording last night (a full sized marimba in my schools largest concert hall, which is Hosmer hall at the Crane School of Music). How much do you typically charge for recording an orchestral session (just out of curiosity)?