"Wet" stem export

Follow-up to Stem export now exports mono tracks as stereo and Export tracks rather than stems, preserving the mono/stereo property

Have several mono tracks with processing like compressor / limiter / etc.

Want to export to several mono tracks with processing intact. Ticking “Apply track/bus procesing” exports to several stereo tracks, while unticking seems to let go of the processing.

How to keep both the “mononess” of the tracks on export and the processing?

Panning is part of the processing, so you you cannot disable it.
Stem export with processing unconditionally uses the signal from the track’s direct out.

There might be a trick, which is cumbersome to setup, but you could do normal session export. In the “Channels Tab” enable “split to mono” add as many channels as you have tracks and assign them individually.

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