Stem export now exports mono tracks as stereo

I’ve been using Ardour for the past few years mainly as a live band recording console in our at home studio. I have 16 analog tracks recording for each session, although I don’t use all of them at once. For years, I would export my selected files to 16-44 CD or 16 bit WAV resolution and I’d end up with separate mono tracks, just like the recorded tracks. Recently, Ardour started exporting the stems to stereo. I’ve looked high and low for an export setting that I might be missing, but I can’t find it. I’m not wiz with Ardour, so go easy on me please. I’m guessing I’m overlooking something, either in my export or record settings. I’d be super grateful for any advice. My files are twice the size they need to be. I know I should post which version I’m using, but I’m not in my studio right now. I can provide that if necessary.

Check the “Channels” Tab in the Stem Export Dialog. At the top there is a “Apply track/bus processing” option. If this is enabled, the track’s output (incl plugins and panner) are exported, otherwise you get the raw data.

Thanks Robin. I’ll look at that when I’m in the studio later this week. I’ll report back.

Hey Robin,
Your suggestion worked like a charm. I really appreciate you taking the time to help. Thanks much.

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