VLC-style playlists

I’m using Ardour for this project:

Is it possible to create a playlist (like VLC playlists) in order to automatically play a list of Ardour projects?



Short answer is no.

Longer answer is you could write a script to do it, but I am not 100% convinced Ardour is the right tool for this honestly.

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Thank you. That’s what I thought (Lua script included).

At the moment I can’t find a better solution…

(Any suggestions will be appreciated :slight_smile: )

What do you think about this?

  1. Export audio and MIDI tracks as WAVE and MIDI files
  2. Glue JACK connections, a playlist (simple text) file, and media (audio and MIDI) files with a Python script

Might it work?

That could work… or you could contribute to this:

if it doesn’t already do what you are looking for (Not sure, but it is inspired by QLab and SFX which are the commercial solutions I would generally suggest, but you are obviously aiming for Libre solutions)


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Thank you very much: I’ll check it.

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