Using x42 Onset Trigger

Since I am having trouble with LSP Trigger, I decided to try x42 Onset Trigger, but I can’t get it to trigger.

Here is what I tried:

  • Add Onset Trigger to a MIDI track.
  • In “Pin Connection” add a side chain from the audio track to Onset Trigger.
  • Try adjusting Signal Threshold to low enough to catch the audio.

But nothing happens, no note is triggered, even with the lowest threshold, way below the level of the audio track. (The MIDI indicator never lights up.)

Any ideas of what I am doing wrong here?

(Official Ardour 7.5, latest Onset Trigger from

That plugin is intended for kick-drum replacement, low frequencies only.

You could try to set the filter-freq to max (300Hz) and increase the bandwidth to 120Hz, so that any freq between 180Hz and 420Hz may trigger a note. That may or may not be sufficient for the signal you want to trigger on.

Ah, I see. Indeed increasing the freq allowed it to trigger. Thanks!

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