LSP Trigger out of sync

I am having trouble of LSP Trigger. I am not sure if the problem is the plugin, some RT configuration, Ardour, or user error… But the trigger is always late, and not always by the same amount. (If I record the MIDI output and align the first not, the other notes are not aligned as well.)

The image shows how the trigger is late:

Any ideas on what I could do to try to troubleshoot and fix the issue?

(Official Ardour 7.5, LSP 1.2.6, Trigger MIDI mono 1.0.10.)

Please try a nightly build from … there are free/demo versions available there if necessary, and all can be installed in parallel with any other version you have on your system.

Hmm… I am getting

/home/finotti/Downloads/ could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.
Try again later, or contact the server administrator.

That’s a browser/internet connection error on your side.

OK, that was really strange, but I got it. Now on 8.0-rc3-9-g2b0bb54599. Same problem. I also update LSP to 1.2.10 (Trigger MIDI mono 1.0.14), and the problem remains…

Any other ideas or suggestions to figure it out?

EDIT: Hmm… Same problem with x42 Onset Trigger.

You could try different trigger modes. The screenshot indicates that the trigger mode is currently RMS, which is inherently a filtered operation. The input looks like an impulse style signal, so I would try peak mode and adjust the trigger threshold until it triggers reliably as early in the input transient as possible.

x42 Onset Trigger also is RMS energy based. It is intended for kick-drums which build up significant energy in the low freq early on. It is not a general purpose transient detector.

Thanks, Chris and Robin, for the responses.

I tried Onset Trigger on the kick, and although it was “out of sync”, adjusting the first note practically adjusted all others. I assume it was just a problem of latency compensation, then.

I then tried LSP Trigger MIDI mono on the snare. I tried changing the trigger modes, but the results were the same as before, with notes out of sync. The main problem is that, unlike Onset Trigger on the kick, the notes were not off by the same amount… I am now adjusting each triggered MIDI note by hand… (Thank you so very much to whoever added the vertical blue line on the grid when editing and adding new MIDI notes. That is so helpful!)

On the other hand, despite trying everything I could think of, maybe I am just not using it correctly, or maybe snares are just harder to trigger.

Anyway, thanks for the help!

The trigger is not responsible for alignment of produced MIDI notes to the grid.
The reason is, the original track is not ideal and the onsets may vary in time. If you then try to mix a triggered samples with the original track, you’ll get, for example, an loose, doubled kick.

I was not adjusting to the grid, but to the actual snare hit. (The session was not recorded with a click, so there is no (exact) grid.) Without adjusting the notes, I get “flamming” effect (two hits close, but not at the same time).

It does not seem to be a simple latency issue (as I said), as I cannot align a single hit and have them all aligned. I have to align them (to the original snare hit) individually.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I am pretty sure I had it working in the past…

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