The Eighth - Paper Work

Okay, so here’s another one.
This time I’ve decided to make something unusual for me. I’m the person who started to make simple beats in Audacity (yeah, don’t laught at me please) back in 2010 and they are always was sampled ones.
So for “Urgent Calls” EP I’ve decided to make something out of virtual instruments, without pre-recorded loops or melodies. To be honest, it was harded than I thought because even if you’ll download a virtual instrument with great sound soon you’ll face one problem - it just doesn’t sound good in the mix. That’s a headache for person like me, who likes complex sounds and sound textures. Especially when we’re talking about acoustic instruments. Things are a bit different and easier for synths.

I’ve forgot to mention semi-analog processing in my previous post - I’m using Elektron Analog Heat Mk1 with Roland SP404SX effects for sound design, and this time those two worked harder than before.

So, here’s the screenshot:

Here’s the link

Hi @The_Eighth. Probably like it better than the previous post. Like I said before, not my usual thing, but listened to it, and kinda bobbed back and forth and dug it… :slight_smile: Like the lead sound that comes in around 2:38. Sounds like a “muted trumpet” patch to me, but like how it fills things out. Keep on keepin on…

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Thanks =)

I’m trying to experiement in every new track, so I hope that next one will be more interesting.

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Hi, digging the sonic soundscapes! The song structure is a bit too static for my liking. (consider just that the bassline rolls through the whole tune pretty much unchanged without breaks)

But am always a fan of experimental sounds, so I think that’s where this excels atm.