The Eighth - Argyre Robotics

So I saw that there’s a subforum where people share what they did in Ardour and I decided to post something.
It’s not the latest work, but I have a session screenshot for it, so here it is.

The project called “Lost Readings” and it is an experimental hip-hop/trip-hop blend, mostly sample-based.
I’ll not post a link to full EP since you can find it on every popular music streaming platform but here’s a screenshot:

Yeah, it’s Ardour 5 with Russian translation (I actually can handle English but still using a translated version).
Recorded, mixed and mastered in Ardour 5 on Debian 9 amd64.
Recorded in 2016, released in 2018.

The track itself:
Argyre Robotics

P.S: Yeah, I know that mix is “dusty” and bass is too loud, but dustiness was a “feature” when I planned this, and bass loudness is like a “bug” if I can say so. I wanted to make kind of “lo-fi” feeling but wasn’t good with bass mixing.


The bass works with the drums. The bass seems to come on strong, but then the drums pretty much match not long after making the strong bass seem more like an artistic choice. The track itself doesn’t really go anywhere but then the title doesn’t make one expect it to either and the style may expect that too. So if the bass comes down the drums need to as well. For a more LoFi feeling roll off the HH/snare just a bit unless the idea is to contrast that against the rest. It’s hard for me to judge though as this is not “my genre” of music (not what I make or generally listen to) though not unpleasant in any case.

Hi @The_Eighth,

I like it. Not my usual thing, but really like how the drums come in and take the “focus”. Didn’t feel like the bass was too loud to me.

Powerful sound! Especially drum samples… One question: how did you get the colored track numbers at the beginning of track headers?

That’s a side effect of Session > Properties > Filenames > Prefix track number

Super, thanks, Robin! I’ve just tested)

Very nice sound and arrangement. For 0:40 hihats are too loud and too dense

Well done! I don’t have a problem with the mix, personally. Sounds like a cassette recording almost so I think you did well there. Great vibe.

Thanks everybody for comments.
First of all…


…yeah, that’s it. Now to the technical part.

As you see, the sound is quite personal and depends on musical tastes and, for sure, output device - phones or monitors.
For me bass is always too loud because I listen to it in phones that are good at playing bass. And I also don’t like when bass “presses” too much.

Hi there!

Liked this! I thought the dust was perfect and the bass was very full but warm, not overly loud. I think you could argue the bass sound was a feature not a bug…:wink:


Jeez, I wasn’t here since august last year.
Okay, well, thanks for your reply =D
But I’ve been thinking that I boosted the bassline on this track too much since it’s release. And I’ve already done a remaster for it and gonna release it this year. It already has less bass in it but the dustiness is there anyway. I can’t get over my habit of making sound a little bit “dirty”.