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(Robin Gareus) #21

A DAW is a massive multi-track, automatable, non-destructive editing system. It may or may not feature a MIDI sequencer. Although most DAWs do.

Since you keep mentioning Cubase, that started out as MIDI sequencer and moved towards a DAW. Ardour takes the opposite route. It wasn’t until Ardour 3.0 (~5 years ago) that Ardour featured MIDI tracks at all. Cubase has a 23 year head-start :slight_smile:

We have generally been upfront with limitations and issues, and it’s not uncommon that we recommend other tools if Ardour can’t meet a user’s requirements.

It’s highly workflow dependent and this promo-video by itself may indeed raise false expectations. I’d have preferred a video like this as a closing session “look what we’ve covered over the past tutorial videos”.