Thanks for Ardour 7, from a podcaster + a small reminder ;)

Just wanted to say that I am really hyped about the added features in Ardour 7. They boost Ardour to my absolute top DAW for audio documentary/feature making!

Ripple all and Interview - and freesound-searches. So nice to have those, and they’re done in such a clever way too!

And then I just wanted to give a ping to this thread:

With these features added (along with the ability to rename and this alphabetically sort “sources list”) Ardour is really a dream DAW for podcasting/broadcasting. You can even score/add ambient music right away.


Wonderful to hear! Thanks.

Re: the home page … please suggest a few sentences of text to describe Ardour in this workflow, analogous to those for Composers, Soundtrack Editors and others on that page. Thanks!

Something like:

Podcasters and radio producers

Ardours integrated source-list makes it easy to organize and navigate
even large amounts of clips and tape. The multiple ripple-modes makes
editing both simple two-mic episodes and tape-heavy features a breeze,
and the integrated makes sound-designing much more
accessible to everyone.

Feel free to improve, change and completely re-make these suggestions :slight_smile:

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