Talking to Wine Bottles (not like winos do)

There’s no Linux version of Band in a Box so you need to run it under Wine.
Under Win/Mac the Band in a Box VST/AU Plugin talks to the main Biab app running silently in the back ground, it generates up the audio and midi tracks from the chord sheet in the Plugin to a local folder that the Plugin then uses to play back in sync with the DAW or to drag into the DAW.
PG Music’s RealBand
Under Linux how would you go with Ardour or a Linux a VST talking to the Biab app in a Wine Bottle would it be possible ?

I don’t know. But just FYI, there are BIAB-like apps under GNU/Linux, like
Impro-Visor or JJazzLab

Thanks that JJazzLab looks good never seen that before, uses keyboard styles. I made one of them for Reaper “ReaStyler” it uses keyboard styles that are just midi files if you rename them .sty > .mid

But yeah I need to use Band in a Box as it generates up audio tracks of session musicians to you chord sheet.
I suppose I might be better asking in the Wine forum ?

I think it can be done with BandinaBoxServer.exe this is used to communicate with the android app
so the android app tells the Biab app on the PC what tracks to generate up and send to the android app. So Ardour or a Linux VST could do the same with the Biab app in a Wine Bottle.

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