Talented Audio Programmer Seeks Work

(slight edit for clarification) SAE have informed me that although their plans for Ardour have not changed, their sponsoring of Ardour development will stop at this time. This puts me (Paul, Ardour’s lead developer) in the position of being paid solely by the donations and subscriptions made by the Ardour community. This is currently insufficient to support myself, let alone my family, so I am obviously looking for other opportunities to earn a living. Although I intend to try to improve the revenue that Ardour itself generates, this is unlikely to be sufficient for some time to come. I am therefore in a position to serve as consultant/contractor on other projects, and will be happy to handle inquiries about this via email (paul@linuxaudiosystems.com). I intend to continue doing some work on Ardour to provide support and continuing incentives to those who are already paying for that via donations & subscriptions.

donated 100 bucks. Cannot do more at this time.

I’m sorry to hear that. I like working with ardour very much, it is great software. I really hope that ways will be found to fund the further development of ardour. I contributed 100$ in addition to my subscription. Thank you for the work done so far!

Why did they stop after the first SAE-version release? There seems to be no logic in it… Could you please communicate the reason to the community?

People, consider subscribtion instead of a one time contribution. I think it will help Paul a lot more… (of course it can be both :wink: )

Ardour should do everything they can to make Ardour (website, support, usage and installation) as userfriendly as possible to get a broader community!

Good luck!

“There seems to be no logic in it…”

Maybe they switched to Logic (har har). Or maybe that release was all they wanted, and this is simply “kthxbai” to Paul :frowning:

I tried to send donations to Krystof Foltman for CALF and Rob Buse for Seq24 - both recommended to sponsor Ardour instead - so I did finally…

$70 is not much but if only a single percent of the downloaders would spend a tiny 10% of that, the funding problems would be solved I guess -

This is utterly crushing. I wish you the best of luck. Ardour has become a ‘juggernaut of awesome’ because of the work you put into it. I thank you now with my words, and later with my wallet… You know… when I get a job… :frowning:

Tie In With Lumiera


Would you be open to speaking with Christian Thaeter, the head of the Lumiera project? Lumiera is probably the hottest opensource app under development at the moment. I think a joint venture with Lumiera could create some much needed exposure and generate interest/revenue for you both.

I, and many others, were waiting for Lumiera to be released so that Linux could finally grow in the home AV market. Ardour (DAW) plus Lumiera (NLE) plus Blender (VFX) would bea winning combination for us all!


Take care,

Hi to all!

I’ve been extremely happy Ardour user for a couple of years now. Been donating a few times and definitely will continue doing so.

Just an idea to support the project: if you happen to make any projects to others, even non-commercial (as mine tend to be), ask people for a couple of euros/bucks/whatever just to make sure that the next time they need your “studio services” their music is recorded using the best DAW on earth. Then of course donate. I don’t mean forcing people, just asking to support. Bands as well, less beer -> more Ardour -> more fun.

Considering the amounts of downloads and the quality of this software money should not be a problem. Let’s just solve this!

All the best,
flying penguin

just read the news. so here are $ 50 to improve timecode.

good luck

I too will continue my subscription … this is the saddest news I’ve heard in a very long time…

i also spent 50€ for the beginning.

Hi Paul,

Think of Ardour as providing two services; a usable DAW and a study platform.

Your a talented teacher and mentor. We’ve all observed and appreciated those qualities. Consider proposing to a school, SAE included, a online course for Audio development.

I get calls from kids that attend music schools. They ask about job prospects, apprenticeships, etc. In 2001 I began telling them to study computer sciences and audio programming. It costs about $26,000.00 US to get a certificate of graduation from Music Tech in Minneapolis. Realistically about ZERO percent of graduates place into relevant job positions. Unless you count the “team members” from Guitar Center.

IMO, the world didn’t need another DAW but it needs you.

Thanks for everything and good luck,

Ron Parker

I tried posting to Slashdot to get more exposure and attempt to stir up donations/subscriptions. I don’t think my post made it because I think it got filtered. Perhaps others can stroll over to Slashdot and post the current set of circumstances regarding Ardour development. Something’s bound to get through if more and more people send posts.


Sorry to see SAE go but there will be new opportunities and hopefully new subscribers (myself included). Have you thought about talking to Full Sail University for sponsorship? I have no affiliation with them but they are big into music production.

Here is their website: http://www.fullsail.edu/

strange how they are still providing an ‘SAE’ version of Ardour on their website…



I have never used Ardour, I am a long time Logic user but
I have been looking into making the switch.
I hope to help keep this project alive so I posted this on Digg.
Hopefully this will help with making this public so we can get this man
some money to keep working and improving this software.
Good Luck.

Dropped you a donation. Didn’t realise this project was driven by one guy. Been a great product to get to know and like - well done, I hope reliable funding is found. Or maybe there’s a big enough community to rally together and help out Paul ourselves.

Made a donation and re-subbed (I didn’t realize my subscription had been dropped). Will make another donation when my own employers pay me. :frowning:

I just donated my Paypal balance. Thank you for all your hard work Paul. Ardour is a wonderful tool.