Switching playlist on multiple tracks together

Let’s say I’m recording multiple tracks. I’m using playlists for takes. In the Recording view (CTRL+R) I’m using the “New playlists for Rec-Armed” button to create new takes. This creates playlists with names synchronized across all the tracks I’m recording to - very useful.

Let’s say the recording phase is finished, and I want to review the takes. I know how to change the playlist in one track: right click on the track, select “Playlist” and then playlist name. But what I have 12 tracks? To switch my tracks to a different playlist, I need to repeat the same operation 12 times, and I might easily make a mistake, switching to a wrong playlist in one of the tracks without noticing.

I tried selecting multiple tracks and right-clicking on one of the tracks, but when I do that the Playlist option is inactive.

Is there a way of switching multiple tracks to a certain playlist? (Technically speaking, switching multiple tracks to a playlist of a certain name.)

I found the answer here: Playlists and multiple takes vs multiple tracks - When I create a group of tracks, the “P” button becomes the “Take” button and I can switch all the tracks from the group together as I wanted.

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