Playlists and multiple takes vs multiple tracks

excuse me I know that the subject has been approached several times but I cannot find relevant answers for the latest versions of Ardour (5.12 and 6).
I’m using Ardour to track drums and I have a minimum of 8 tracks. I read that it was possible to create new playlists (for multiple take) after selecting multiples tracks but when I do that, the function is grayed out (so I have to create new playlists track per track).
Am I missing something? the function had been removed?
Thank you

I don’t think it was ever possible to create new playlists all at once for multiple tracks by selecting multiple tracks and using the “P” menu. But I could be wrong.

You can of course use multiple layers for takes, which is simpler than using playlists, although I know some people prefer to use playlists rather than layers. See

Thank you for the answer bradhurley
I did not think of multiple layers, and that can be the solution if I can change/choose track on top massively (I’ve tried but didn’t find how to do that with multiple layers)

You need to add the tracks to a group to do this: see Make sure your group has the ‘Selection’ property enabled: then the 'P’laylist button becomes a 'T’ake button that works on all playlists of the grouped tracks.

Note that the 'T’ake button only works to switch between playlists that were created with ‘New Take’, so you have to create a new take for the group before you start recording.


That’s brilliant! I had no idea it worked that way. This is really helpful for me as I do a lot of stereo recording and this is a nice way of managing takes.

this is awesome! I finaly understand how does it work, it will be life change for me :slight_smile:

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