[Solved] Plugin suggestion for tuning samples?

Thanks to the helpful support of this forum I now have my DAW setup for autumn - which is composition time :sunglasses:

Can someone help out with a plugin suggestion? A simple / stable plugin to fine-tune samples?

Maybe a simple guitar tuner does the trick. I’m planning on adding the tuner plugin right on the track … so that I can visualize the output of the Samplv1 and adjust the Octave / Tuning settings in the sampler.

It comes with x42-plugins. In Ardour5, check “Analyzers” in the Plugin manager to show “Instrument Tuner”.

That tuner features an inline display which may be handy. It also works for many instruments, not only guitar, and shows the octave of the fundamental note (many guitar tuners use overtones).


Mhmm, nice! Works like a charm.

For documentation purposes. Here’s the approach how I tuned the samples in Ardour with Samplv1:

Step 1. Install and insert X42 Instrument Tuner plugin after your sampler
Step 2. On longer samples, isolate the part you wish to tune (Offset)
Step 3. Trigger the sample and check x42 Instrument Tuner how many notes / cents you’re off
Step 4. Adjust Octave and Tuning settings

If your ears are better than mine, you can trust those, too … :desert_island:


Nice plugin. I can use it for tuning 432Hz

This is an interesting concept. It might drive people with perfect pitch nuts, though. :grin:

the lsp-plugins is an interesting large pack

Nice, thank you for the suggestion. Just tested the LSP-plugins. They are a really fine set of plugins - props to Vladimir Sadovnikov and Stefano Tronci.

As far as the sampler goes I couldn’t find a finetuning function, neither in the single- Klangerzeuger nor the multi-sampler Schlagzeug - which I was trying to find in this thread.

Still, it offers a nice handling of velocity with multiple samples, which Samplv1 doesn’t. I guess that makes it a good choice for sampling instruments – with the requirement of tuning before importing the samples. There is such a function in Audacity, afaik.

maybe you want to use a midi-effect which allows filtering velocity – you can exclude a range of velocities with one called ‘Midi Velocity Adjust’ (included with ardour)…

but I think a better approach would be to use a good sampler library…