Shuttle Pro Issue

Good evening

I have rebuilt my music PC recently now using the latest xfce manjaro … Everything is good so far except my shuttle pro is now detected but doesnt work . In edit / preferences /control surfaces ardour detects it but it wont configure with ardour and the jog / shuttle wheel doesnt work

Heres my original post last year :

Its clearly visible with lsusb in a terminal

many thanks


Heres a picture , for clarity . The controller doesnt respond to button clicks . Incidentally I have tested in ardour on my main domestic PC ( ubuntu 20.04 LTS Gnome ) and my media centre PC ( Manjaro 20 xfce ) and its just the same . I am thinking that either the hardware has expired or that I am missing something really obvious …
/home/alastair/Pictures/Shutle pro 02 2022-01-09 10-52-19.png

Many thanks again

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