Shuttle PRO controller

Good evening everyone
I have acquired a shuttle pro controller ( SP-JNS) similar to the one in this thread:

I have done the steps suggested in that post , I can see the device with lsusb and the outer wheel actually scroll web pages .

What I would love to do is have the wheels move the playhead back and forth and possibly control the zoom functions .

Many thanks


I have one that I use with Kdenlive which has native support. However, I do not use the native support and instead I use a wrapper which translates the Shuttle buttons/wheel events into keyboard events. Works fantastic and actually allows you to setup modifier keys so you can triple up the number of functions at least. You can also assign different functions to the inner wheel according to how fast you spin it (ie slow to advance by 1 second, fast to advance by 10 seconds, etc.) I highly recommend trying it. GitHub - abourget/shuttle-go: Contour Design Shuttle Pro V2 drivers for Linux, in Go, with modifiers a

Also, I believe they have a pretty comprehensive map already setup for Ardour in the provided example file.

Many thanks Jaaxx I will look in to that !

It looks like the solution offered by Jaaxx involves building stuff which is a bit beyond me :slightly_smiling_face:

I Have this working pretty much as I need it to with the built in support . What would be perfect for me would be if the outer wheel controlled the Zoom rather than scrubbed back wards and forwards as it does now . Does any one have any ideas ?

Many thanks


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