Should I buy a Motu M4?

Or is Motu still hostile towards Linux/Ardour? Cheers!

They are not anywhere close to what they used to be in terms of ouright hostility, but I am not sure I would say they are friendly. At least I have spoken to a few devs however that were willing to work with the open source community though, but I also haven’t heard from them in years so not sure what to make there.

Can’t speak to how well they work on Linux, though class compliant should work fine supposedly.


It’s okay not support the open source community but insults aimed to Linux/Ardour is a dealbreaker to me:

Paul’s posing is from 2013. Hopefully, things got better.

Things got a lot better. Better enough that I use a MOTU device myself now :slight_smile:

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Great to hear this, I’ve just ordered a M4 :slight_smile:

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