MOTU Fastlane output B not working

Not an Ardour issue, but hopefully the expertise is here. My MOTU Fastlane only works on output A, nothing out on B. Both outputs show up fine on the Jack connection window. The hardware itself is OK, works fine on Windows.

Any ideas?


In general, I prefer not to promote the use of MOTU products. The company has been extremely negative about the possibility of Linux support for their devices, including specific insults aimed at me personally.

On OS X, all CoreAudio devices should work just fine. On Linux, attempting to use a MOTU device is a crapshoot, and supports a company that has actively opposed the platform as an audio-capable environment.

@mangoland you could sell it and by some “user friendly hardware”.
Emu XMIDI 2x2 USB MIDI Interface is nice thing
this is the place where you could see some friendly Companies :slight_smile:

@paul, yes, that is true. But such a behavior at “Pro Companies” is big mistake.

They could have more " customers that can improve devices too :)"
I hope that at least RME, Focusrite, Harrison … do not behave like “Motusians”

Who would be the maintainer for this device, the alsa usb-audio dev?
watch (read this)

its already integrated into the system :slight_smile:
for this one;
its fully supported by alsa
(at the end of list)

"Supported devices:
MidiSport 1x1
MidiSport 2x2
MidiSport 4x4
MidiSport 8x8 "
so now its enough, sorry

Thanks, I just got the 2x2 Midisport, plug and play.