Selfmade Custom magnetic template for XTouch/Ardour

Hi all !

I made a template layer in order to put on my Behringer X-Touch.

It was made with Scribus 1.4 and fits my customisation of MCP.

Simply printed on magnetic paper and cutted blank areas.

Here it is :

I wonder If anybody wants thecustom overlay source file ?
All you’ll have to do is to modify text-entries to fit your will.

Let me know and I upload it with pleasure;)


Now that is super sweet! (Also a big fan of Scribus). I don’t need the template because I don’t have an X touch, but that is very nice work!

Fantastic, nice job!

I’d be interested in your template – I have an X-touch and use Scribus. I often forget what I’ve mapped to buttons so an overlay would be really useful :slight_smile:

I didn’t know magnetic paper existed, so thanks for the tip. I shall have to get some and abuse my printer privileges at work…

Is there magnetic paper suitable for laser printers/copiers? I couldn’t immediately see any on Amazon.

There you go :

I made mine on magnetic paper for inkjet printer, I don’t know but I think it should not exist for laser printer
as the paper is very rolled in laser printers whereas it is flat transported in an inkjet one :wink:

You may miss the Ardour Logo in the file but the picture layer is there you 'll just have to upload the red A logo.

Enjoy and why not share your personnal layout ,

cheers, à bientôt !

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