Overlay for xtouch

Hi all,

I wonder if the design of the overlay posted here is still somewhere available. The link in the Thread is dead.

Thanks in advance,


I will look foward in my directories to see if i still have my file (computer was reinstalled beetween :frowning: ).

Hi Sahaathyva, that would be great…

Cant guarentee i have it but i am conservative , so lets hope,just dont expect me to be quick at this, i will do as soon as i boot my music laptop

There you go :


I am so sad the only fast upload thing i found is google, anyway…

It will need some work tough : the ardour logo in the top left of the layout is missing you will have to replace it, and it seems that i used some fonts that i don’t have anymore on my computer now, so it does not fit properly, maybe by searching the font you will get it right, otherwise you will have to rework texts too :wink:


very cool and very quick.

Thanks a lot. I’m going to have a look and change the things, if neccesary.

Is it okay to publish it then for others to use?

Oh yeah consider this open source :wink:

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