Routing Jamstix midi out to another VST

Hi, I’m wanting to route the midi output from the Jamstix VST to another VST instrument for playback.

Although I can see the midi out port from Jamstix in the midi tracer window, and confirm data is being sent out of it, I can find no way to connect this to anything else.

In the midi connections window the Jamstix midi out does not appear as a usable source port anywhere that I can see. In fact neither do the midi out ports of most other VST instruments, aside from a couple.

Am I missing something, or is this sort of midi routing not supported in Ardour? I’m running the latest version of Ardour 6 on Windows.

Many thanks for any pointers.

BTW I saw this post (Routing MIDI from VST on audio track to midi track) and tried the suggestions there as the situation seemed similar. However adding an audio track with flexible I/O then adding the Jamstix VST to it still did not give any option in the Midi Connections window to use the midi_out port of that track as a source for anything. As before the port exists in the Midi Tracer window so I don’t understand why it isn’t available for routing?

Jamstix would appear to be a plugin that takes no data input, collects time info from the host, and outputs either audio or MIDI.

That would suggest adding it to a MIDI track. Have you tried this?

Hi Paul, yes it was originally added to a midi track. I’m not looking to connect input to it, only take its midi output and route it to another track’s midi input.

I probably didn’t create that original midi track with flexible I/O as I wouldn’t have thought that was necessary, is it worth trying that? As I say the midi_out port certainly exists and is visible in the tracer window, just doesn’t appear in the midi routing grid at all.



Just tried creating a new midi track with flexible I/O and adding Jamstix at creation time, same result. The track’s midi out port exists and is traceable but does not appear as a source in the midi connections window.

For the benefit of others I’ve found at least one way to make this work. By adding Jamstic to a midi bus rather than a track its output becomes available as a source in the midi connections and I can route to another VST as desired. Not sure if there’s any way (or need) to get it to work on a track rather than a bus but at least there’s a working option.



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