Routing MIDI from VST on audio track to midi track

Our VST plugin "MIDI Guitar " is an audio fx VST, which creates polyphonic MIDI in realtime from pre-recorded or live input guitar audio.
One of our users wants to use it in Ardour, but got stuck.
I’m trying to help out here, but I’m not very experienced with Ardour.
I added a midi output pin on our plugin (residing on an Ardour audio track), but having no luck in using this for MIDI input on an Ardour midi track.
What am I missing?
(Our app incl. VST for mac/win is downloadable from I tested on macOS)

I’m on GNU/Linux so I cannot test this, but I guess the easiest is as follows:

Create an Audio Track using “flexible I/O”, in the Add Track or Bus Dialog pick:
This allows plugins to change the available track output ports[1]. Loading your plugin should automatically add a MIDI output.

Next, create a MIDI track, and finally connect its input to the MIDIoutput of the audio-track:

If you’re using Ardour5 (not Ardour 6) you’ll have to explicitly enable "In"put monitoring on the MIDI track:

If you don’t need to record MIDI, an alternative is to use a MIDI Bus and then an aux-send from the track (after the plugin) to that bus. That is likely much easier.

[1] you can later toggle strict/flexible I/O in the context-menu of a mixer-strip.

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thanks Robin! works now.
I created the audiotrack withour flexible I/0 and switched it afterworth to flexible: that didnt seem to work, now I did it like you said, created the track as flexible and now it works…
Maybe I misclicked something, but anyway: your mini manual is perfect, I’ll give a heads up to our user to look here.

Jam Origin

Hi Robin,

I’m the user he was referring to. I set it up this way and it worked great. Thanks for the help.



While you’re here how about a native Linux port of Jam Origin?? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Last I tried the standalone works with Wine but we have an ever growing (and ever growing plugin purchasing) community of Pro Audio users in Linux and we’d love to have an excellent application like Jam Origin!

I bet you can’t do it…!! :wink:

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