Region list, track list UI question

I decided to make a template project from a previously used project.

After deleting the audio in the tracks, I look at the region list and there are a bunch of regions, that, I think, are no longer valid and don’t think I want them in the template. But, I haven’t found a way to remove them (remove unused doesn’t). Am I chasing windmills?

Also, in the rack list (and I know I’ve figured this out in the past…) when the tracks extend past the bottom how do I “zoom all” resize them to see them all. Is Height>Normal the way and then just have to scroll?

Session >> Clean-up >> Clean-up Unused Regions

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But I don’t have the Cleanup Unused as shown circled on left. But, none of the regions circled on right are valid.

Weird, what OS and what Ardour version are you using?

UbuntuStudio 19.10

Being adventurous, I went ahead and saved it as template.

Then started a new project, selected the template. The new project did not include any regions in the Region view.

But, I’d still like to know what (and how to remove) the remnants are in the initial project as shown in the previous pic…

May be you need to:
Session > Cleanup > Flush Wastebasket.

an old topic:

But I’ve recently checked the function Session >> Clean-up >> Clean-up Unused Regions - this works in my case - the list becomes clear.

how do I “zoom all” resize them to see them all

  • try “Ctrl+T” combination - this selects all the tracks headers (accept automation headers - they can not be selected). Then press RMB in any selected header & go: Height > Small. -This makes all the selected headers min vertical size. (Also you can adjust a shortcut to the “Small” action: Alt+K (Keyboard Shortcuts)>Editor(tab)>Editor>Small - &type in your combination (for example I use the Ctrl+Alt+S))

The Ctrl-T does what I need, thanks.

Session >> Clean-up >> Clean-up Unused Regions doesn’t work, The regions shown aren’t actually there…I guess. (or maybe part of the redo history? see below…)

Session >> Clean-up >> Flush Wastebasket says there are no files to flush.

Gave Session >> Clean-up >> Clean-up Unused Sources and it worked, but says it’s destructive and redo history will be gone. (Which is no problem in this case.)

I guess that solves that.

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