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Just looking at Ardour with it’s Lua scripting to see if ReaTrak could be ported over.
It needs to be able to use regions or markers as the chord track and be able to save the regions or markers as a txt file along with the source wav file to indicate what sections of the wav has what chord. So basically it matches chords in the region or marker to a chord in the source file and imports that into the timeline filling the track with all the chords.
Maybe someone here who’s up on Ardour Lua scripting could advise.
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I have been playing around with it and found it just exports the CD Markers
as session.chapters.txt, session.wav.cue and session.wav.toc
I can get the RangeMarkers from the session file:

<Location id=“2209” name=“CMaj7” start=“2115174” end=“2379540” flags=“IsRangeMarker” locked=“no” position-lock-style=“AudioTime”//>

But then you don’t have colors for the regions/markers so I would have to read another
marker lane for the section name Verse, Verse Fill, Verse Post Fill, Chorus, Chorus Fill,
Chorus Post Fill etc…
Might be best just to Get the Region/Marker names and positions and get Lua to write them to a txt or csv file that’s saved with the wav, so it will read the position of the RangeMarkers that will contain the chord name and what Mark or CDMarker the Chord RegionMarker falls in.
You need the section as the source file will have a different style of playing in the verse to the chorus.
So it all looks doable.

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Also, are there any GUI Libraries that will run in Ardour’s Lua scripting ?

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