Auto Closing Threads

We have implemented a new task on the forums that automatically closes replies after a set amount of time, as we are having threads brought back after literal years (And in some cases decades) of inactivity. The exact time frame used is being tested and adjusted a little still, but it will apply to all new threads.


EDIT: To clarify it will close threads a set amount of time after the last reply in the thread, so if the thread is active with replies for months, that countdown timer starts at the last reply, and if another reply happens within that time period, it resets. So a thread could be active and not closed indefinitely, though other unofficial laws of internet forums tend to take affect by then:)

How you find threads is usually by a google search, you go to those threads and there may not be a solution, so what I do is when I find a solution I go back to those threads and post the solution if they are 1 year old or 10 years old so other users finding the thread will have an answer. I can go to a Reaper post that may be years old and edit/update it with new solutions, download links or pics.

Yes but I would rather those threads die honestly and a new thread be created.

And even when you post a solution in another 3 years that solution may be out of date (Has happened many times in Ardour’s history) but because noone else has posted in an open thread it shows as the ‘correct’ solution (Also happened repeatedly). Add on to that you can be talking about very different versions of the software in that timeframe, means your posted solution may not even work for the older version, which we sometimes have people looking for.

It is generally more helpful to create a new resource for new versions.


It used to be possible here, too, and then comments from other users on the original subject became invalid.
and the whole thing deteriorated rapidly.

Maybe you’re thinking of a WIki (not a Forum)?

So this thread here
should be closed because there has been no response for a while so rather than updating the download links and posting a new release you would start a whole new thread, so how many closed threads would there be pertaining to the one subject ? I don’t think it’s a clean cut answer to close it or else you may as well just delete it too.
The Reaper forum has thousands of users and they don’t take issue with this.
Like if I post a script then I update the script with an added or fixed feature, then you say that has to be in a new thread yet they can still download the other script without knowing there is a new version as they were brought to the thread by google.

There are other ways of addressing this as well, for instance making a link that just points to location that is updated with the up to date script.

Always multiple ways to do something, but we have found that the necro’ing of old threads leads to misunderstandings that can be avoided by closing out the thread instead and starting fresh. Yes it could help to delete, but nothing is ever really deleted on the internet honestly.


If you have decided to close topics after a month then I suppose nobody can really do anything about it, that’s how it is and that’s that. The only way I can see around it is post it in another forum that can be updated and simply post one link here that will be closed after a month pointing to the other forum then user can just go there and say “hey thanks that worked good”, or “can you add this feature ?”.

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